Instructions for the use of insecticide Admiral and dosage of the drug

Instructions for the use of insecticide Admiral and dosage of the drug

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Insecticide "Admiral" is an effective agent that reliably protects fruit trees and vegetables from the Californian scale insect. The drug is fast acting and provides long lasting effect. It is produced in the form of an emulsion concentrate. The composition can be used for spraying apple trees, cucumbers, tomatoes. In this case, it is important to strictly follow the instructions.

Composition and form of release of the insecticide "Admiral"

The instructions say that this agent belongs to the chemical class of pyridine derivatives. The substance is released in the form of an emulsion concentrate. It is packaged in 1 liter containers. Pyriproxyfen is considered the active component of the drug. 1 liter of the composition contains 100 grams of the substance.

Spectrum and mechanism of action

"Admiral" is a synthetic analogue of the juvenile hormone. The substance belongs to the category of growth and development regulators of parasites. Products from this group cause hormonal imbalance in insects. This leads to anomalies in their development and death.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

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Juvenoids that enter the body of adult pests do not kill them, but provoke the sterilization of adults. This helps to avoid the occurrence of a dangerous phase. When it enters the larvae, the process of metamorphosis is disrupted, which causes the death of the preimaginal stages of development.

The Admiral has a pronounced delayed effect. This means that insects die not only during processing, but also later. The period of action of the substance can take several weeks or months. Moreover, its effect on reducing the number of parasites will affect the development of future generations.

A distinctive feature of the drug is considered a selective effect. If the dosage is observed, the composition does not produce a negative effect on many species of entomophages, acariphages and pollinators of crops.

Benefits of the drug

The main advantages of the tool include the following:

  • fast and long lasting effect;
  • little danger to bees;
  • the ability to influence parasites at all stages of their development;
  • decrease in the number of individuals in the next generation;
  • the possibility of carrying out spring processing at the stage of the green cone near the apple tree;
  • possibility of application in early spring;
  • efficiency with a single treatment of plants for 1 season;
  • economical consumption.

Consumption rate and application

To avoid damage to plants, it is important to strictly adhere to the timing of the product. There are 2 processing options - early spring and summer.

The spring impact coincides with the stage of transition of the wintering larvae of the first instar to the second. This is observed during the stage of plant development called the green cone.

This treatment with a gradual decrease in efficiency is carried out to the stage of the rosebud. This usually coincides with the onset of the imaginal molt. To avoid damage to the fruits of early varieties, it is required to process such crops with the "Admiral" in the spring.

The second term of use of the composition falls on the summer. Spraying the plantings is required at the stage of hatching of the first generation of parasites. In the summer, "Admiral" is used for processing late varieties of fruit trees.

It is required to spray the plantings with the "Admiral" once during the season - this is done during the development of overwintered insects or the first generation of pests. This feature is very important. It helps to avoid damage to the fruit.

The dosage and application features of the substance are shown in the table:

The rate of use of fundsCulturePestsProcessing featuresWaiting time (number of treatments)Exit dates for manual or mechanized work
0,5-0,8Apple treeCalifornia scaledSpraying plantings is required during the growing season. 1 hectare requires 1000-2000 liters of working solution.14 (1)7 (3)
0,5-0,8Apple treeApple mothIt is required to apply the composition during the growing season. The consumption rate of the working solution is 800-1500 liters per 1 hectare.14 (1)7 (3)
0,2-0,3Cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouseGreenhouse whiteflyIt is necessary to spray the plantings during the growing season. Working fluid consumption is 1000-3000 liters per hectare.3 (1)2 (-)

Safety in use

The drug is considered not too toxic. However, when using the substance, it is important to remember about personal protective measures. Spraying is recommended to be carried out in protective clothing. Equally important is the use of a respirator, glasses, gloves.


Admiral is ideally combined with biological agents to reduce the number of parasites in gardens and greenhouses. Before mixing the drug with other products, it is important to carefully study the instructions for use of the substance. In each case, a compatibility check of funds is required. To do this, make a small amount of solution.

It is important to take into account that it is forbidden to combine "Admiral" with insecticidal substances based on malathion. These active ingredients are considered antagonists.

Storage rules

Keep the product in a dark place, out of the reach of children. It is important to store the drug in a closed container. It is recommended to do this in a dry room with adequate ventilation. The shelf life of the composition is 3 years.

Equivalents of the remedy

Effective analogues of the substance include:

  • "Nomolt";
  • "Tom";
  • Vizcaya.

"Admiral" is an effective insecticidal agent that helps to cope with various parasites. Most often it is used to destroy the Californian scale insect, apple moth and greenhouse whitefly. In order for the composition to give the desired results, the instructions must be strictly followed. Compliance with safety rules is of no small importance.

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