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Seedlings for sale

I have repeatedly seen online stores that sell seedlings of various vegetables and fruits. Someone used such services, they are very interested in how exactly they deliver it and how quickly.


I will express my opinion. If the warehouse of this online store is not in your area of ​​residence, there is a big risk of getting low-quality material. Buying seeds in an online store is a big risk, you do not always get the variety you would like and the survival rate of such seeds is less than 45%. Seedlings have a similar story. Perhaps she will survive the transportation (although the chance is small), but it may not correspond to the declared variety. Therefore, try to buy in the nurseries of your area. So it will be, to whom to make a complaint. Such nurseries value their reputation. And not an unimportant moment - you will get zoned varieties, which greatly increases the chance of getting a good harvest in the future.