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The root of the rose has rotted

What to do if a root of a climbing rose that has not yet been planted in the soil has rotted the root and it has fallen


Inspect the stalk carefully for the condition of the kidneys and the trunk itself. If the rot has reached the cutting, then completely cut the root to a healthy tissue. If only parts of the roots have rotted, then cut them to healthy parts. Lower the remaining stalk (4-5 buds) into the root root for 1-2 hours, after which you can keep it in a jar of water or plant it in a container with soil. There are those who are planted in the ground, after planting the stalk in potatoes. Temperature conditions 20-25C, with regular watering and spraying. If you select the soil (sphagnum, peat, sand.), Then do not forget to cover the stalk with a jar after planting. After about 20-28 days, roots will appear. It will remain to land in a permanent place.