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How to plant dahlias

Hello. If I plant dahlias with seeds, can their tubers be dug in the fall and planted next year? Or do you initially need to plant tubers?


Dahlias can be grown as seeds or directly use tubers. If you sowed quality seeds, then by the fall you will receive relatively small tubers. However, if you do not live in the southern zone of Russia, I recommend growing seeds indoors and planting seedlings already in open ground.

This ornamental plant does not tolerate frosts, so tubers, even in the middle lane, will have to be dug up and stored until spring. The next year, the tubers are planted in open ground after return frosts, when the constant relatively warm weather finally sets in and the earth warms up. If you still decide to plant in the early spring, then take care of sufficient protection from the characteristic spring nights at unacceptably low temperatures.