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What are the varieties of pumpkin with tasty and large fruits

Please tell me the varieties of pumpkins, so that they are the most productive, huge and delicious.


Do not need the most productive. Enormity is good only in appearance. Optimal - fruits of 1-2 kg, but to be tasty. And those to keep (even under the bed) for a long time.

Kgm, thanks, of course, but I like the huge ones)


one hundred pound 50-60 kg

"Try to take it away."

Huge rarely sweet, they are more fodder

They gave us a huge pumpkin from Bashkiria. They cut it, but it is thin, inside there is a lot of emptiness, but sweet.

The most delicious are nutmeg or honey

Candied fruit, the first year. I liked it - moderately sweet and there is a lot of juice (in a juicer). Average weight - from 8.5 kg. I also liked the pear pumpkin (a variety of seeds, store, I don’t know the name) In the photo - Candied fruit.

Inside Tsukat

Pts like Gray Volga. I’ve been planting for several years.