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Salt control in the country with salt

For several years now, slugs have been living in our garden. They eat tomatoes, sweet peppers, strawberries, cabbage. Tired already. They spoil the most “successful” fruits. I heard that these pests are afraid of salt, that if they are sprinkled with salt, they die. Advise what slug control methods you know? What do you think about the use of salt? Will my plants die from salt?


Destroying slugs is possible in different ways. Collect with pens. To get eating snails of animals: hedgehogs, birds or frogs, just create suitable conditions for them on their site. Set traps. I read that snails love beer, so bury a plastic bottle with a cut off neck. And they also die from cornmeal, which can be left in the garden in a jar. You can still plant smelling plants. You can poison them with chemistry. There is such a remedy for slugs, called “Thunderstorm”. But salt, of course, kills and corrodes slugs. But it affects landing badly. It can be used on paths.