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Cirrus cloves: rules for planting, growing and caring

Cirrus cloves refers to perennials. Initially, this flower was brought from the mountainous regions of Western Europe, later breeders bred many varieties and hybrids. Thanks to this, flowers of various shapes, lengths, with a rich base of color shades appeared. They are distinguished by the absence or presence of smell, the size of fluffy buds.
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Typhi grapes: variety description and cultivation features

Typhi grape, or “Typhi pink”, is known to many by its synonymous names such as “Typhi-Kyzyl”, “Typhi Suryh”, “Toipi-Kyzyl” and “Gissori”. Characteristics of the variety “Typhi” Grapes is a table variety known to mankind since ancient times. Arabs brought the variety to the territory of Central Asia in the 7th-8th centuries AD.
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House and garden

Cucumber "Finger": a worthy variety for home gardening

Cucumber "Finger" is a new variety that works well both when grown in open ground and using film shelters. The originator of the variety is the Volgograd experimental station VNIIR them. N.I. Vavilova. The authorship belongs to V. Shefatov. Description of the variety The variety of the Russian selection "Finger" belongs to the group of bee pollinated and precocious.
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Questions and answers

White plaque on ficus after watering

Good afternoon, I would like to know if anyone came across something like this: I pour ficus on the veranda, there are white traces on it, clearly in the places of droplets. Is it water related or can it get sick? Tags: water, plaque, ficus benjmina 480 views | 10.16.2018 15:27 Last questions: There is a picture of moss, but I don’t know the name. Viktor asked (at my place) Someone eats red beet leaves and carrot leaves in my dacha. Who is this?
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