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How to feed a goat in winter in addition to hay, making a diet at home

In the summer, the grazing goat independently regulates the mistakes of the goat breeder in feeding, but in the winter in the stall, the animal needs proper care and a suitable diet. Even experienced farmers do not always know what is recommended to feed a goat in winter, although there is nothing difficult about it. In order for the animal to receive the necessary vitamins, it is important to know which foods are suitable for goats and how to combine them with each other.
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Frozen raspberry pastries: simple oven bun recipes

Raspberries are one of the most delicious berries that you can grow or buy. In winter, when it is almost impossible to get fresh, many housewives use frozen berries to make desserts or pies. It preserves the taste and aroma, therefore it is allowed to create real culinary masterpieces, including buns, pies and other delicious pastries.
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Curd jam casserole - the best way to pamper your family

If you or your loved ones have a sweet tooth, then it's time to cook something tasty, but also useful: a casserole with cottage cheese will be a great choice. Yes, and jam does not hurt to add: use the most favorite in your family. An appetizing, aromatic delicacy will not leave anyone indifferent. So, you should get acquainted with the best recipes for simple casseroles with jam and cottage cheese.
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Zucchini "Iskander f1": variety description and planting features

Zucchini "Iskander f1" ("Eskanderany F1") is a relatively new variety from Dutch breeders. It is a super-early and extremely productive hybrid form. The hybrid is perfectly adapted to the soil and climatic features of our country. The description given by the originator allows us to recommend this hybrid form for cultivation on ridges of open ground and using temporary film shelters in order to obtain super-early vegetable products.
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