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Features of the grape variety "Phenomenon"

Grapes "Phenomenon" is better known as "Augustine." Other names for this hybrid form of grape are "V25 / 20" and "Pleven steady". Description of the variety The name "Pleven Sustainable" is obtained due to the use of the variety "Pleven" as one of the parent forms, which was largely improved by Bulgarian breeders.
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Pear Lyubimitsa Yakovleva: description of the variety and features of care

Pear Lyubimitsa Yakovleva is a fairly old variety bred by eminent breeders Yakovlev and Michurin at the All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Fruit Plant Breeding. The progenitor of the variety is the Daughter of Blankova and Bergamot Esperin. Having inherited the best features from them, this pear quickly took root in the gardens of the Central, Middle Volga and Central Black Earth regions.
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Lily propagation technology by scales and other methods

Reproduction of lily (Lílium), a plant from the family Liliaceae (Liliaceae), is not difficult and can be carried out both vegetatively and with the help of seed material. Any method allows you to grow a full-fledged flowering plant as soon as possible. Propagation features In order to obtain a significant amount of planting material, you can use any of the four methods of propagation of garden lilies: scales, bulbs, formed in the leaf sinuses, leaves and shoots.
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Potato "Nikulinsky": characteristics and features of cultivation

Potato "Nikulinsky" - a variety known to many gardeners from the Russian modern potato selection. The parent pair of plants is represented by the Mavka potato and the rather popular Peresvet variety. Description of the variety and its main characteristics are declared by the originator - All-Russian Research Institute of Potato Economy named after
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